Our Team

John Hilton – Chairman

B.Com, Grad Dip Applied Finance & Investment.


Founder John Hilton has over twenty five experience years managing and advising Companies, Family Offices, and Corporate clients, capital raising and funds management.


He has acted as the Responsible Officer for an Australian Financial Services License since 2007.


Mr Hilton has listed numerous companies on the Australian Stock Exchange across a variety of sectors including contracting, diversified industrial, mining and technology. He has particular experience in Reverse Takeovers, and Initial Public Offerings.


He has particular expertise in conducting due-diligence into potential companies that require commercialisation and venture capital, looking particularly at the risk profile of a business while developing a strategic go-to-market strategy.


John attended Wesley College in South Perth. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia and holds a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment from the Securities Institute of Australia.

James Tainton – Managing Director


James completed just under 10 Years within the Royal Australian Navy, specialising in Cryptography and Electronic Warfare on-board HMA Submarines.


James’ role as an Electronic Warfare operator was to operate sophisticated surveillance systems, to exploit the electromagnetic spectrum including interception and identification of radio and radar emissions.


As a result of his time operating within the Maritime environment, James has developed a high level of expertise in Maritime trade, Logistics, Port Infrastructure & Global Trade routes.


Throughout James’ tenure he has managed and lead teams in high end complex operational environments. Disseminated big data, with the fusion of collaborative information.


Regularly set up capability through think tanks and research requirements. He managed projects simultaneously and streamlined the process from a research level to an operational outcome in a short time frame. During the periods of managing projects James grew to understand the complexities of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and integrating the companies under the ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation) legalisation as well as the EAR (Export Administration Regulations) and TAA (Technical Assistance Agreement).


James provided guidance and assisted in; strategic and operational policy development. Developed training infrastructure based on operational requirements.


Dr. Fabiana Tessele

Ph.D Environmental Engineering & Water Resources


Fabiana Tessele has developed water and wastewater treatment projects in several countries in the last two decades, firmly committed to water security and environmental protection. She believes a diverse, inclusive and well-planned approach to water supply and wastewater treatment is a key enabler to achieve her “safe water for all” personal mantra.


Fabiana holds a Doctorate in Engineering, focussed on resource recovery from wastewater, and is fluent in three languages. Having started her career in Brazil, with a strong academic and technical focus, Fabiana has developed into an accomplished senior leader, holding decision-making positions in her roles with contractors, environmental services companies and multinational engineering consultancy firms.


Thanks to her diverse background and familiarity with multicultural environments, Fabiana is able to rapidly develop strong rapport with multiple stakeholders. She is an effective communicator, with holistic approach, and open and collaborative leadership style. This is a considerable advantage in this fast moving market, where people are required to adapt to change a pace never seen before.


Since 2012 Fabiana has chosen Western Australia to be her home, where she held a Director position for a multinational consultancy company for four years. More recently, Fabiana started her own consultancy business, operating in the Australian and South East Asian markets.


Fabiana is one of the Peer reviewers for the Australian Water association, and also one of the judges on the AWA Awards panel. Fabiana was a Board Member of the award-winning Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board at AECOM Australia.


Fabiana is optimistic and positive thinker, consciously operating in the present moment. Mindfulness meditation practices and a healthy network of supportive peers help her to maintain the highest levels of energy at all times, and project an aura of authentic empathy towards people surrounding her.


Andrew Macnish – Consultant

MSc, Sustainability Management


Andrew’s career commenced in land development assisted by his civil engineering degree.  He since became qualified in urban planning, performed his own subdivisions and went on to gain a Masters Degree in Sustainability Management.  After an MBA and management consulting with Deloitte he branched into risk consulting in the insurance industry.  Moving his family to Western Australia’s South West, he was CEO of local governments there for twelve years.  He developed a keen interest in business development and stayed consulting in that role after leaving AECOM.


Andrew is a highly energetic and driven person having reached All-Australian status as an AFL footballer and was an inaugural West Coast Eagle.